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英國留學生活分享-Falmouth University 法爾茅斯大學

Student - Feng Lejia
Grad. Year - 2022
Degree - BA Illustration
Current Year at Falmouth - Year 3
Hometown - Singapore

Feng Lejia

1. Tell us a little bit about your background
I was born in China, and grew up and studied in Singapore. As I have always loved drawing and painting, I studied Art as an A-Level subject. This gave me the confidence to pursue studies in art and design further in university, not just drawing as a hobby.


2. Why did you choose to apply and attend Falmouth?
I wanted a course that would not only develop not only my technical skills, but also provide ample practical experience for the creative industry. Falmouth University was among the top ranked for my course, and has an especially high percentage of employment right after graduation. From that I knew that Falmouth was an excellent university for Illustration, but it was the beauty of the campus and the vibrant surrounding environment that really drew me in.


3. Why did you want to study in Cornwall and/or England?
Being able to study abroad was a huge privilege and I wanted to make the best of the opportunity. Having never lived outside of a city before, I really wanted to experience a slower pace of life in a small town, surrounded by gorgeous scenery. Cornwall, for me, encapsulated that rustic, down-to-earth lifestyle that is closely connected to nature. Falmouth especially, is a vibrant town full of young creatives, who are all able to take inspiration from the lovely coastal town they live in. It was really the perfect pick for me, and studying by the sea and near the beach was a dream come true.


4. What activities/groups have you joined on campus? What has been your experience been with these activities?
In First Year, I joined the Yoga Society and loved the weekly sessions where I got the chance to relax and practice intentionality while learning strengthening and flexibility exercises. In Third Year, I got in touch with the Falmouth Christian Union and through it met several new friends with whom I can discuss matters relating to our common faith. There are many more clubs and societies, with something for everyone, and you can even organise and start a new society surrounding your interests!


5. Do you think there are unique experiences that Falmouth provides that you may not have been able to find at other UK or US universities?
Definitely. One huge advantage of Falmouth is the industry connections available to students here. The Illustration course in particular is well-known in the creative scene, having produced many alumni who are now extremely successful artists after graduation. Many of the tutors are also practicing professionals working in the field, which makes a big difference in the advice and feedback they give. The course focuses intensely on career-readiness, with work attachment, industry feedback opportunities, studio visits and live briefs from external clients. The Professional Practice module in Third Year perfectly examplifies Falmouth University’s focus on getting students ready for the industry right after school. Falmouth has given me the confidence to pursue a creative career, something that would have seemed very daunting otherwise.


6. What is your most memorable moment at Falmouth so far?
I took part in an annual street drawing event (StreetDraw24), where participants visit any part of town and do some reportage drawing onsite. The pieces we submitted were exhibited at a local museum, and auctioned with proceeds going to a charity battling homelessness in Cornwall. As part of this event, a traditional spot was to draw the sunrise at Pendennis Point (a headland along the Cornish coastline) I remember waking up before dawn, walking through the chilly woods with 2 friends and getting a great spot as we waited for the bright sun to peek over the ocean horizon. Drawing the gorgeous scene then really reminded me why I love studying Falmouth so much - being so close to nature and surrounded by creative, friendly people.


7. What is it like living and studying in Cornwall?
It is like a second home, and almost like being on holiday at the same time. The international students here make for a very vibrant and diverse commmunity, while the friendly locals make the small town homely and warm. With the bustling beach just a short walk away, bright sunlit days, cosy cafes and shops full of character, there are endless possibilities for exploration. Attending university in a small town is a unique and precious experience, as there is much more a sense of a close-knit community as compared to a large crowded city. Studying a creative course here also means being surrounded by sources of inspiration; be it the people or the sea or the woods, I think any student can find their calling in Falmouth.


8. Anything else you would like to add that you think would benefit prospective students interested in studying at Falmouth or the UK?
I know that coming all the way to the UK and then travelling down many hours from London to Falmouth seems intimidating, because I certainly understand the anxiety of moving so far away from home, to a different culture for the first time. However, I really encourage you to consider Falmouth, not only as an excellent university experience but also for the once-in-a-lifetime experience to live in a coastal town. For me, it was a leap of faith into the unknown but one that turned out so fruitful and meaningful. I have no regrets choosing Falmouth University, over other institutions in bigger cities; it is hard to imagine that I would have had the same personal growth and discovery elsewhere!