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Remember that line in the movie The Lion King? Remember Mufasa's fatherly advise to Simba? “Simba! Remember who you are. You are more than what you have become.” Do you ever ask yourself who you have become? Are you like Simba, do you need to dig deeper to find your true self and true purpose?


Here are some guidelines to illuminate your path as you seek your purpose.

Pique Your Curiosity A desire to know and learn, curiosity ignites your mind, forcing it to come alive.

Examine Your Motives If your motives are pure and honest, you will experience forward momentum.

Ignite Your Intuition Intuition is knowing without the use of rational sense. You simply know it, you don't know why you do, but you just know.

Evaluate the Core Areas of Your Life Are you living beneath your potential? What external situations or opportunities are you interested in but haven't pursued?

Develop High Impact Habits High Impact activities accelerate the process of unleashing your purpose. (exercise, doing things you love and put away your cell phone)


Always ASK. How I can make a difference?

Always SEEK. Actively look for answers, research and trust the process

Always KNOCK. And keep knocking! If you want to know what’s on the other side of the door, you must push it open and step through. Believe in yourself.