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Here are reasons why art schools offer invaluable training for your future career。
From earning important contacts that can help you later in your career, to gaining hands on instruction from a professional, you may be surprised by how beneficial art school can be. Even if you're a prodigy with loads of talent, no responsibilities and a relentless drive to succeed, art schools still have a lot to offer。

Access to equipment
Art schools typically have state-of-the art equipment

Studio space
Along with equipment, most art schools allow students lots of access to well designed studio space to create

Expert instruction
The professors are notable artist, entrepreneurs themselves

Student events will allow you to get your work seen by the public

Networking opportunities
Many art schools host visiting artists and put on all sorts of extra-curricular events that will allow you to make contacts outside of your school circle

Internships and other work
Professional artists and art-related organizations often turn to art schools first when looking for assistants. In addition, many art schools offer career counseling or career placement services to help you find employment in your field after graduation