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姓名:          Ruby

學歷:          University of San Francisco, USA

領域:          Mentorship. Education. Business. Corporate Management.
                    Non Profit Management. Life Coach.

專長:          學生輔導,申請文件撰寫、翻譯、潤稿,美國中學,學美國大學,英美碩士

簡歷:          Over 20 years of professional experience in both education development
                    and corporate management in the US.


I think it’s important to give yourself the opportunity to be exposed and experience different cultures through immersion. Obtain valuable tools to think outside the box and become a game changer for your own future. There’s a big world out there!

Ask yourself before studying abroad:
●How does current global trend influence my future with the major I choose to study?
●Would my current field of study stay relevant in 5, or 10 years from now?
●Do I have to aim for top universities in order to make an impact professionally?
●With the uprising numbers of student applications from China, what are admission officers in US and UK
   looking from international students, and why? And what can I do to make my application SHINE?

​Everyone is unique in their own way, customizing my services to highlight your individuality and strength is my priority. As a consultant, your success is my reward.