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Bournemouth 大學針對 4/6 UKVI 公布的新政策做出以下回應:

1. 4/6 之後考 IELTS 的學生,學校僅接受 IELTS for UKVI 作為申請簽證之用。

2. 4/6 之前考 IELTS 的學生則不受任何影響。


1. Students taking a SELT for Tier 4 visa purposes from 6 April 2015 onwards, must take the new IELTS Test for UK Visas and Immigration at a government approved IELTS test centre.  An IELTS certificate dated 6 April 2015 or later from an unapproved IELTS test centre is NOT VALID FOR A VISA.

2. Students who have taken one of the previously approved English language tests before 6 April 2015, can still use their test for a visa application until 5 November 2015.  After this date, only the new IELTS tests will be accepted. 

Details are available at and