Jack Hu

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姓名:          Jack Hu

學歷:          臺灣師範大學 (National Taiwan Normal Univ.) 英語學系學士 (GPA: 4.02)
                    芬蘭坦佩雷大學 (University of Tampere) 教育學系學士學程交換生

領域:          英語教學、中英翻譯

專長:          英語課程諮詢、雅思能力檢測、主持IELTS Hub口說練習

簡歷:          ◎津橋英語課程顧問
                    英語課程諮詢、雅思能力檢測、主持IELTS Hub口說練習

                    ◎創勝文教 (NTE) 師資培訓生/實習生
                    共同出版暢銷英語學習工具書《搭配詞的力量 Collocations:名詞篇》
                    、《搭配詞的力量 Collocations:形容詞篇》、 SAT課後輔導

                    教授高中英語、多益 (TOEIC)


Don't be afraid to explore the world ahead.

English teaching is my calling and I believe education is the fundamental method of social progress and reform. The experience of studying as an exchange student in Finland provides me with a fresh perspective to education. Also, I have seen what has been going wrong in our second language education and thus my mission is to help Taiwanese students learn English more effectively.