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●Master of Arts (MA) from the University of Oxford
●Bachelor of Arts (BA) from the University of Oxford; awarded by the university the Denis Stevens Prize for academic excellence and a Collections prize for exam success

English certificate:

Native British English Speaker

Career History and Accomplishments:

-Teaching since 2003
-Current Director of Project-Based Learning (and formerly English) at Montessori Elementary & Junior High School
-Have also worked with a number of other cram schools in Taipei, including Dr G Academy, AKME Prep, and OKE
-Educational Consultant & Teacher Trainer for Oxford’s oldest tutorial college
-Delivered seminars in renowned private & international secondary schools in the UK (Stowe, St Edward’s, St Clare’s, Beaconsfield High School)

Working experience:

-English proficiency tests: IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, Cambridge Assessment English
-University Admissions test prep: GRE, TSA, LNAT, Cambridge Law Test, SAT, ACT
-School Entrance Exams: Common Entrance, 16+, ISEE/SSAT
-Academic Writing & Composition
-Business English
-British National Curriculum including GCSE’s & A Levels
-American K-12 Curriculum
-General English improvement

Description of teaching style:

-Expert knowledge of the tests and the marking criteria, having analyzed every single official test paper and model answer available. Also, I have worked with IELTS examiners, so I can let you know exactly what they are looking for.
-Extensive experience of creating syllabi for test prep and other courses; therefore, I am able to plan and organize lessons that are comprehensive whilst also meeting students’ deadlines.
-My lessons are highly interactive. Rather than lecturing students or just teaching by reading a workbook, I guide students to work out the answers for themselves through the use of increasingly specific questions (i.e. the Socractic method). This is the best way to fully understand what you’re learning, and thus, be able to remember and actually use it.

Motivational quotes to keep students learning English or say something to students:

The teacher-student relationship is a partnership. As your teacher, I will do everything I can to use my experience and knowledge in service of identifying how best to help you. At the same time, I ask my students to fully commit themselves to the learning process. The majority of learning is always self-study. Therefore, the best use of lesson time is for me as the teacher to help you with those things you cannot do by yourself. If you follow the exercises and advice I provide, I guarantee you will improve. So please come prepared!